Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Hurricane Michael

In this picture after Hurricane Michael the home sat for months before remediation began.  You can see damaged ceilings, walls, floors and contents. The entire house was full of mold and SERVPRO of East Davie/Cooper City came to the rescue.

Storm In Parkland Causes Roof Leak

This Parkland home due to a heavy storm had a roof leak. The water ran down into ceiling. You see in the picture where we are going to have to cut the ceiling where it has water damage.    

Parkland Home Storm Damage

The wind driven rain seeped into the window of this Parkland home causing a flood. We extracted the water from the home and setup the equipment you see in the picture.

Drying Out Parkland Office After Storm

In this photo you can see how we have set up our air handlers to dry out this Parkland office. This damage was caused by hurricane Irma. We quickly dried the office avoiding any mold proplems.

Rain From Storm Creates Mold Thru Out Davie Home

In this picture you can see we had to remove the entire sink and cabinet due to mold. Due to wind driven rain seeping thru the walls the mold was created thru out this home. 

Damaged Ceiling In Coral Springs Home

This is a home in Coral Springs after hurricane Irma. As you can see they had a leak in the roof. The water leaked thru to the ceiling. This drywall will have to be cut out and replaced. 

Roof Leaking After Hurricane In Coconut Creek

In this picture you can see the roof at this Coconut Creek home has begun to leak causing damage on the ceiling inside the home. SERVPRO of East Coral Springs was able to respond quickly and take care of the problem.