Commercial Photo Gallery

Coral Springs Hotel Water Damage

Coral Springs hotel has water damage due to wind driven rain from a storm. The water seeped into the cracks in the walls soaking the walls and carpets in this hotel. In the picture we have set up the equipment to dry out his hallway. 

Paint Store Flooded In Tamarac

Broken pipe in this paint store flooded out the store.

We had to extract the water and setup air handlers and dehumidifiers to dry out the store. In the picture you can see all the water on the floor. 

Coral Springs Business Air Ducts Cleaned

In the photo you see our state of the art air duct cleaning machine doing a great job cleaning the air ducts of this Coral Springs business. It is always good to have your air ducts cleaned yearly. 

Corals Springs Office Has Leak Above Cause Problems

In the picture of this Coral Springs office you can see some of the damage lying on the floor. The office above had a leaking pipe that led to water damage running down and thru the walls. 

Coral Springs Bookstore Ceiling Damaged

In this Coral Springs book store you can see the damage to the ceiling. The damage was caused by hurricane Irma.  SERVPRO of East Coral Springs was able to clean and restore this book store quickly make the store manger very happy.

City Of Margate Office Flooded After Roof Leak

This is what a Margate City Hall building looked like  when we arrived on the scene. There was significant water damage. They couldn't believe how quickly and completely we were able to dry and extract the water from the walls and ceiling. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."